Monday, April 25, 2011


I just had 3 day weekend in which I was able to read my dear friend Keith Giles’ new book This Is My Body: Ekklesia as God Intended.

I went into this read knowing the heart and soul and time that Keith put into this endeavor and was not disappointed. Keith shows clearly, by using scripture and personal experience, that the Church as God intended it to be in the New Testament is more than an Organization, with a top down institutionalized, hierarchical system that dominates modern Christianity. To the contrary, Keith shows that the Church is a living breathing organism and fruition of all of God’s desire for His people throughout history.

Keith points out that we, the Church, are the Temple of the Living God and thus there no need for a building set aside to be designated a”House of God”. Keith also drives home the point of the Priesthood of the Believer and the necessity of every member functioning within the Body of Christ and the fallacy of the pastor-centric system.

Keith’s book is nothing new to those who have read the books of Frank Viola and Jon Zens, but instead of feeding off of the writings of these men (as so many of us bloggers do), he adds another dimension to the discussion and deepens the need of the Church to return to God’s original intent for Her, by not being another religious system, but being a living breathing expression of Jesus Christ.

-Kelly Tague

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