Friday, May 13, 2011


"I love how punk rock my friend Keith Giles will always be. Unlike most of the christian world, when he writes a book he loves to give it away for free! He is a writer, philosopher, activist, provocateur and a servant to all. He truly believes in the church and wants it to be at its best. Download his free book now for your ereader/ipad!" – Jarred Lawrence Romley

"WooHoo! I am loving it - thanks for putting it out there!" - Kim Tacheny

"Downloaded it last night, and am enjoying it today. thanks for the blessing."
- Larry Roy Woodsmall

"Pick up Keith Giles’ new book. Just read the intro and I'm ready for more!" -Josh Epperson

"A lovely sunny day here in Leicester UK. Spent a little time in the garden, eating a good bagel and passable strawberry jam, drinking Yorkshire Gold tea and reading Keith Giles latest book. This is the nearest I will get to pleasure today..... on page 97 already and it is very good. Really. Honest. Would have paid more for it....!" - Alan Rees

"Keith, thank you for presenting how the how the New Testament church is supposed to "function" in a way that the Lord originally ordained. Using the Old Testament references and tying them into the New Testament in showing how God always intended to build His church was great.

I have a great appreciation for what the Lord is doing in His church and your book is a great tool for those who want know more about the Body of Christ.

There is definitely a voice on the hill declaring the truth and you are one of them." - Steven G. Owen

"Keith, we are glad for what you are doing...and hopefully you saw in today’s CMA Tools & Trainings email...that your books were featured. We are glad to support you that way!

Thanks for who you are...and all you do."
- Mike Jentes, Church Multiplication Associates & CMA Resources


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