Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review: Crissy Brooks

Keith Giles’ latest gift, This is My Body: Ekklesia As God Intended is an invitation to be the family that the Church was meant to be. In a time when it is hip to be down on church and many of us are sure we can plant the next great congregation, Giles speaks softly, calling us back to the Scriptures and the One who first invited us to partake at the table together.

In the last decade we have been barraged with well-intentioned models and plans to get Church right. This book is not another model. It is an important reminder to the people of God of who we are to be as His people and how we are to act in the world. This book is a gift from a prophetic leader who has lived out the teachings of Jesus for decades and lucky for us, shares his discoveries here. Had this book been written by anyone else, I am sure I would not have picked it up. But I know Keith Giles. I have seen him make intentional choices to be The Body with and in his community. I have witnessed his Spirit inspired creativity and experienced his empowering influence.

When the temptation could have been strong to breakdown all that is wrong, Giles instead leads us with grace and gentleness through the Scriptures outlining the design of the Body of Christ. When it could have been so easy to be sarcastic, Giles instead points out what should have been obvious as if opening a door and letting light in. While there is plenty of material to bash church leadership, Giles instead invites us to imagine what leadership in the Body could be when we fully understand the Word and stop justifying our misguided traditions.

While Giles’s style is one of grace and invitation the book does not shy away from the controversies that have torn Christ’s Body a part in the past. With clear truth and studied evidence, Giles calls out the abuses and selfishness that have worked in our favor and harmed so many. He challenges the hierarchy and business we have come to accept as necessities and in the process holds up the good we should cling to.

This is My Body gives a clear call for us to “go out of business” and be the Family outlined in the New Testament. Perhaps the most beautiful part of this book is the invitation to live in the mystery of The Body of Christ. Giles fully challenges us without sending us running. He sheds light on such a beautiful Bride that I am drawn in more deeply and vow again to live in a mystery of family, love, submission, provision, grace and healing. This book gives me courage to hope that the Body of Christ really can transform our world.

-Crissy Brooks Executive Director & Co-Founder of Mika CDC
Crissy grew up in Costa Mesa and has come to love her city deeply. Her leadership development journey began in the Brooks’ home as the daughter of a police captain and PTA president. Her faith and leadership were further shaped by involvement in her Church. Her youth pastor, Mark Orphan is highly influential in her life and along with Laura Johnson and Lindsy Harris, they founded Mika in 2003. Through her studies at Azusa Pacific University, three years living in Caracas, Venezuela, and now engaging with immigrant neighbors, Crissy has developed a love for Latino culture. She lives in the Shalimar neighborhood with two amazing roommates and one crazy dog. They like to run together and connect over long drawn out breakfasts on Saturdays.

Crissy also writes a regular column for the Daily Pilot newspaper called "A View From the Mesa".

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