Monday, June 20, 2011

Six Things You Need To Start A Traditional Church

Here are six things you need to start a traditional church in America today:

1) Money - Lots of it. One church-planter suggested it would take as much as $18,000 to get started.

Another pastor emptied his savings account and spent $50,000 of his own money to start his church and some have suggested it could be as high as $8 Million.

Of course, depending on the size of your church, and your paid stafff, your numbers may vary.

2) Trained Professional Pastor - At least one charismatic, credentialed teaching pastor and visionary is necessary if you want to start a church. Chances are if you're seriously thinking about planting a church this person is you. Go ahead and check that one off your list.

3) Worship Leader and Worship Band - They should be made up of talented, experienced and professional-level musicians and largely volunteers, except perhaps for the worship leader who may receive a minor stipend each month.

4) A Building - Whether you rent, lease or decide to purchase a building you cannot have a successful traditional church without a building large enough to grow into. Must have a nursery, children's Sunday School rooms, and youth area.

5) Volunteers - Lots of them. These will be the people who handle child-care, set-up, tear-down and clean-up, and ushering. You cannot have a successful traditional church without a small army of loyal and dedicated volunteers.

6) Marketing - A website is a given, but you might also invest in postcards, door-hangers, invitation cards, bumper stickers and outdoor signage to attract the unchurched, or those who are shopping for a new church. Let them know your'e there or you will die a quick, yet painful, death.

*Notice that nearly all of these things are focused on developing the Church itself. Almost none of it is directed at making disciples, developing the spiritual health of those alongside you, or loving people in the community.

Three Things You Need To Start A Typical House Church

1) People - At least one other person than yourself.

2) God - Be sure to invite the Holy Spirit every time you meet and then wait for Him to speak and lead you.

3) A Place to meet - It could be a living room, a park, a coffeehouse, or any place large enough for the people who gather.

*Notice that having trained leaders, volunteers, thousands of dollars and an army of volunteers is greatly reduced. Also notice that worship leaders, buildings and marketing are completely unnecessary.

Just thought I'd share this with everyone.



  1. It's amazing what some people regard as "traditional" these days!

  2. I was thinking of a 7th thing as well... a CT Scan.
    Sorry, I couldn't resist ;)

  3. The dollar amount is probably way too low. I've heard estimates of $300,000 or more in the bank to cover the first couple years when you consider staff -- pastor, worship leader, secretary at minimum -- a building (own or rent? plus utilities and upkeep) and other expenses for marketing. Our traditional church has an annual budget of $250,000 and 80 percent goes to cover building expenses and staff and it doesn't even have a mortgage.

  4. am coming from a traditional church. v hav to aware that there is a historicity of jesus. we need that structure, jesus who taught the structure. am not rejecting the house church. but now a days v r promoting house churches for our own satisfaction, not for gods satisfaction. church had formed from different sufferings and hardships, not from a single day, not by a professionals, not for profit. now v r thinking only the money matters, v hav to accountable to god.
    god bless u dears.
    ashish ,

    1. these 6 things r not needed for the traditional churches, it needs only for the para churches.